On Sustainability

Sustainability Policies

To make a positive impact both socially and environmentally is at the core of Monokrome’s operations. As a small brand, we began with small goals and prioritised methods through which we could operate sustainably. A sustainable brand is a continuous learning process. We are committed to the slow fashion movement as reflected by our products and services.

Products & Services

Monokrome’s concept is to create minimal and classic contemporary womenswear. The aim is to effectively and efficiently use the resources that are available in Bangladesh to produce high quality products. We source and produce high quality womenswear and provide the following services:

Monokrome Studio

-Exclusive collections
-Custom tailoring
-Custom design
-After sales services

Monokrome at Jatra

-Casual collection
-Free alteration


Our values are what define us. Every team member at Monokrome are required to practise the following:


Sustainable Practices

At Monokrome, our goal is to become more and more sustainable as we grow. Currently, our sustainable practices are:

-We use non-polyester fabrics
-We ensure a safe and friendly work environment for our team members
-We cut our patterns in a systematic way so as to minimise wastage
-We keep all fabric scraps and paper for recycling
-We use naturally made buttons
-We use wooden hangers at our retail spaces

As the brand grows, Monokrome aims to become more and more sustainable. By 2020, we aim to use more innovative fabrics that cause minimum damage to the environment and maximum satisfaction for our customers. Our goal is to create a value chain where we are in the know-how when it comes to sourcing, distribution, consumption and disposal (product recycle), thus contributing to a circular design economy.

As of now, we have a few exciting collaborations and projects that we will begin in 2019. These collaborations and projects will help us to achieve our sustainable goals.