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For its debut collection, Monokrome chose “Identity”. The reason is twofold; firstly,
the aim of this collection is to carve an identity for the brand in the global world of
fashion; secondly, it reiterates one of the many purposes of fashion which is

Monokrome is a challenging vision. Working with a limited colour palette and a
strong preference on polyester-free textiles, are just some of the brand’s properties.

Monokrome’s minimal and classic aesthetic means that there is something for
everyone. It is a result of an observation of a gap in Dhaka. Increasingly, women’s role
in the society is evolving. As natural multitaskers, women juggle multiple
engagements. With this in mind, and the lack of variety in womenswear designs
along with a strong focus on fabrics, the idea of Monokrome was conceived. The
emerging label is being developed with the global audience in mind. While variety is
key in its local market, the effect of minimal and structured designs blended with
attractive fabric use intends to be the appeal in the global market.

Bangladesh is one of the largest exporters of readymade garments in the world.
Resources are readily available and a sustainable use of those resources is the aim of
Monokrome. We feel strongly about the slow fashion movement, which drives the
design element and the choice of fabric.

Monokrome is fortunate to have been featured on Not Just A Label at its inception.
NJAL is a London based, virtual showroom that features emerging designers from all
over the world. Products listed reflect elements of sustainability with the slow
fashion movement in mind. It is a great opportunity for the brand to be featured
internationally in tune with its vision.


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